Multimeter UM-112B UM-112B

The type UM-112B multimeter is designed for the measurements
•  D.C. and A.C. voltages
•  D.C. and A.C. currents
•  resistances

The type UM-112B multimeter is found in the standard equipment  not only of repair shops and testing stations but also – owing to  its properly selected measuring ranges – in laboratories,especially such of research centers and schools.
It is indispensable to all professionals and amateurs that are occupied with electrical devices and equipment.

General Information:

  • 43 measuring ranges changed by means of a single range switch;
  • Polarity change-over key switch permitting the measurements of direct current and D.C. voltage of a polarity opposite to that marked at the plug sockets without need to interchange the connecting wires;
  • A specially designed moving element which is taut-band suspended minimize the instrument sensitivity to vibrations shocks, etc.
  • The protection of measuring element and measuring circuit against overloads which are likely to occur as a result of faulty measuring range setting;
  • A common scale for all direct and alternating current ranges what greatly facilitates readings;
  • The measuring element and the measuring circuit are protected respectively by a diode system and by the fuse;
  • Accurate readings, free of parallax error, owing to a narrowed and pointer and mirror scale being applied;
  • Zero adjuster permitting to set the pointer to zero position without need to apply a screwdriver;
  • Ease access to battery and fuse which elements can be replaced without need to dismantle the instrument;
  • High accuracy of measurement;
  • Pleasing appearance. 

Technical specification:

Direct and alternating current measurement:

Nature of current Accuracy class No. of measuring ranges Measuring range and values Voltage drop approx.
Direct current 1 12 50-100-300 µA
1-3-10 mA
30-100-300 mA
1-3-10 A
30-60-80 mV
90 mV
90 mV
90 mV
Alternating current 2,5 9 1-3-10 mA
30-100-300 mA
1-3-10 A
              600-500-400        mV
100-100-50 mV
50-50-150 mV

    Frequency nominal range of use and reference value at alternating current measurements: 20...45...65...20000Hz.

    D.C. voltage measurement

No. of measuring ranges Measuring range and values Internal resistance
1 10 30-100-300 mV
1-3-10 V
30-100-300 V
20 kΩ/V
1000 V 1 MΩ

    A.C. voltage measurement

Accuracy class No. of measuring ranges Measuring range and values Internal resistance Frequency nominal range of use and reference value
2,5 7 1V 100 Ω 20..45..65..10000 Hz
3V 1000 Ω 20..45..65..20000 Hz
100-300 V
1 kΩ/V
1 000 V 20..45..65..2000 Hz

    Resistance measurement:

Indication range Measuring range and values Scale mid-point  Supply voltage
0...2 kΩ
0...20 kΩ
0...200 kΩ
0...2 MΩ
0...20 MΩ
0,01 kΩ...0,4 kΩ
0,1 kΩ...4 kΩ
1 kΩ...40 kΩ
10 kΩ...400 kΩ
0,1 MΩ...4 MΩ
75 Ω
750 Ω
7,5 kΩ
75 kΩ
750 kΩ
1,5 V
1,5 V
1,5 V
10,5 V
100,5 V

  • Ohmmeter supply battery cells:
type R-14 (1,5 V) and 6F-22 (9 V);
The 0...20 MΩ range is, in addition, energized from an external D.C. supply 90 V;
  • Accuracy class for resistance measuring:
-  measuring range: 10%;
-  indication range: 1,5% scale length;
  • Scale length (voltage and current measuring):
100 mm;
  •  Scale length (resistance measuring):
 75 mm;
  •  Insulation test voltage:
 3 kV;
  •  Overall dimensions (width x length x height):
 186 x 134 x 67 mm;
  •  Mass, approx.:
 0,9 kg;

Nominal operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature range:
  • Ambient air relative humidity:
  • Operating position of tester:

Standard equipment:

  • Multimeter UM-112B;
  • Test leads, crocodile clips;
  • Guarantee certificate;
  • Operation manual.

Others information:

Catalogue card
Operation manual