OD-41 accesory

 Type OD-41 accessory is a device that extend measuring ranges wattmeter LW-1.

Type OD-41 accessory in conjunction with the type LW-1 wattmeter is used for measurement in single-phase circuits, in three phase circuits and in three-phase, three-wire circuits with the artificial point system.

Type OD-41 accessory extends measuring voltage ranges for measurement in single-phase circuits, six voltage ranges of the following nominal end values can in addition, be obtained: 150-250-300-450-500 and 600 V.

When taking power measurements in three phase, three- wire networks by the two wattmeter method three additional voltage ranges of 300, 500 and 600 V nominal end values can be obtained

Power measurement in three-phase, three-wire network with the artificial point system using one type LW-1 wattmeter in conjunction with the OD-41 accessory for phase voltages 100, 200 or 400 V.

In either case the voltage across the terminals of wattmeter and OD-41 accessory should not exceed 650 V.

Technical specification:

  • Rated voltage:
  • Voltage range:
(0...1...1,5) Un;
  • Frequency range:
0...65...200 Hz;
  • Internal resistance:
  • Overall Dimensions:
143x55x50 mm;
  • Mass approx.:
0,6 kg.
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