ERA-GOST Ltd. is well-known producer of the electric measuring meter in Europe and the whole world. Our company is producer very good and unique analog laboratoring measuring instruments, and testers with hand generator.

The products of our company are exported to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, The Republic of South Africa and to the many other countries.

Our products are characterized by very high technological parameters, very good durability and reasonable prices.

Very good, professional recommendations of our personnel and the experience in electrotechnical, metrological and technological fields trades allow us to keep high position, especially in production of the professional, precise, magneto-electric, electromagnetic and ferromagnetic laboratory measuring instruments.

It's also worth to be notice the analog multimeters and the technical Wheatstone and Kelvin Bridges, are very well known by our customers in Europe. Other our products, like insulation testers, indicators and testers or panel instruments, are known by our customers too.