Erath tester with hand generator IMU

 The type IMU earth tester are designed for the measurement of:
  • earthing resistance of electric power equipment;
  • the resistance of lines connecting the earthed equipment with the earthing;
  • specific resistance of soil;
  • low resistances.

General information

  • The earth resistance measurement is accomplished in an a.c. potentiometer circuit. The voltage drop across the tested earth resistance is balanced against the voltage drop across the resistance of the built-in tester potentiometer resistor. A moving-coil galvanometer is used as balance indicator.
  • The measuring system is energized from a hand-driven generator. Since no other power supply is needed the tester is at all times fit for immediate use.
  • Very high reliability.
  • The interference of direct stray currents is eliminated by applying high capacitance condensers
       at instrument input.
  • The current frequency at reference hand generator speed being 65 Hz the interference of 50 Hz power frequency stray currents is during measurements eliminated.
  • Properly chosen shape of instrument case and its construction by which safe protection against direct insolation, dust, as well as occasional rain or snow falls is assured.
  • The tester is fitted with a built-in check resistor which enables the instrument to be checked for correct functioning.
  • The IMU type earth tester is having three measuring ranges changed by means of a rotary
  • The tester is adapting for easy carrying over small and great distances by fitting it with a special holder and, in addition with a case.

Technical specification:

  • Number of measuring ranges:
  • Generator hand-crank rotational speed:
120...160...180 rpm;
  • Nominal measuring voltage:
 300 V;
  • Nominal frequency, approx.:
ok. 65 Hz;
  • Scale length:
230 mm;
  • Insulation test voltage:
3 kV;
  • Overall dimensions  (width x length x height):
 135 x 217 x 156 mm;
  • Mass, approx:
 ok. 4,5 kg.;
  • Mass of accessories, approx:
 ok. 7 kg.
  • Nominal values of measuring ranges and measuring errors:

  Measuring range
IMU 0...5Ω

Measuring values
Measuring error
± 0.05 Ω
± 3%

Nominal operating conditions:

  • Rated ambient temperature range:
  • Relative humidity:
  • Tester operating position:

Standard equipment:

  • Meter IMU;
  • Guarantee certificate;
  • Operation manual.

Optional equipment:

  • Earth electrodes easily driven into the soil, (4 pcs);
  • Metal rod assigned to take of the electrodes oft he soil;
  • Reeled cables with clamps for connecting the tester to earth electrodes, (2 pcs);
  • Cases for electrodes and measuring cables, (2 pc).

Optional Equipment:

Catalogue card 
Operation manual
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