Moving-coil instruments type LM-3

 The LM-3 Moving-coil instruments are used for the measurement of direct current and d.c. voltages. The LM-3 instruments find application in industrial and scientific laboratories, testing stations and wherever high accuracy of current and voltage measurement is required.

General information:

  • Type LM-3 are offer as one or multi-ranges instruments.
  • The measuring ranges of multi-range ammeters and voltmeters are changed by the rotary range selector switches.
  • The moving element is taut-band suspended to minimize sensitivity of instrument to vibrations, shocks, etc.
  • The LM-3 instruments are very easy in use and very reliable. 
  • The pointer, narrowed at the end, and the mirror scale assure accurate readings free of parallax error.

Technical specification

  • Accuracy class:
0,5 ;
  • Scale length:
110 mm;
  • Insulation test voltage:
3 kV.
Overall dimensions (width x length x height): 155 x 210 x 85 mm;
  • Mass approx.:
1,3 kg


 Number of
measuring rangers
Measuring range
end values
 External resistance
 1  15 μA   2170Ω  10kΩ
 1  30 μA   395 Ω   2,5kΩ
 1  15-30-75 μA  12-12-6.24 kΩ  -
 6  75-150-300-750-1500-3000 μA  466-466-290-130-68-34 Ω  -
 12  30-60mA  (23/ln[ma])+0,004 mΩ  -
 7.5-15-30-15-150-300-750 mA
-1.5-3-7.5 A

The LM-3 instruments are available as three-ranges ammeters with ranges 7,5/15/30A.

Measuring ranges 30 and 60 mV are used for current measurement by means of external shunts. Ammeters with these ranges are supplied with connecting cables of a total resistance 35 ±5 mΩ.


Number of
measuring ranges 
 Measuring range
end values
 Internal resistance
 12 0,15V - 0,3V
0,75V - 1,5V
3V - 7,5V
15V - 30V
75V - 150V
300V - 750V
 1000 Ω/V

Nominal operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature:
  • Ambient air relative humidity:
25...40...75...85 %;
  • Operating position of instrument:

Standard equipment:

  • Meter LM-3;
  •  Operation manual;
  •  Guarantee certificate.

Others information::

Catalogue card
Operation manual
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