Portable WHEATSTONE bridge TMW-5

 The type TMW-5 portable Wheatstone bridge is designed to be used for resistance measurements within the range of 500mΩ to 5000kΩ in research and industrial laboratories, testing stations and school laboratories.

General Information

  • The TMW-5 bridge operates on the principle of a balanced Wheatstone bridge with a slide wire the slider of which is coupled with the dial.
  • A galvanometer specially designed for this purpose has a variable sensitivity which depends on the pointer deflection.
  • Simple operation owing to the application of a variable sensitivity galvanometer and the mounting the range selector switch and the dial on a common shaft
  • Both, the bridge supply and the galvanometer are switched on for the time of measurement only by a key switch, this protecting the battery against overloads likely to occur as a result of faulty setting of the range switch.
  • Large number of measuring ranges which are changed by one selector switch
  • The possibility of supplying the measuring system from various current sources
  • The possibility of using various null indicators

Technical specification

  • Number of measuring ranges:
  • Scale length:
290 mm;
  • Supply:
- type 6F22 9V battery;  
- or external a.c. 50 to 600 Hz supply for testing elements of negligible inductance and capacitance values;
- or 230 V, 50 Hz mains via a built-in rectifier;
  • Insulation test voltage:
3 kV;
  • Overall dimensions (W x Ł x H):
  • Mass, approx.:
1 kg;
  • Measuring ranges:

 Measuring ranges
 Permissible error as percentage
of the measured value
 Maximum supply voltage
500...5000 mΩ
< 1 < 2  12V
5...50 Ω < 0,5  < 1  12V
50...500 Ω < 0,5  < 1  12V
 500...5000 Ω  < 0,5  < 1  12V
 5...50 kΩ  < 0,5 < 1  60V
 50...500 kΩ  < 1x)  <2  230V
 500...5000 kΩ  < 1x)  < 50

    x) if an external galvanometer is employed.

    Operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature range of use and reference value:
  • Relative air humidity:
  • Meter operating position:
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