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Contact-free AC voltage Indicator S-760

 The type S-760 contact-free AC voltage Indicator is a simple device, easy to be operated, designed for a contact less detection of AC voltage. It operates due to a capacitance coupling with phase conductor of power network. S-760 Indicator is designed for:

  • detecting AC voltages,
  • discriminating neutral from live conductors in main sockets,
  • locating conductors within a wall if they are not in metal tubing,
  • detection of faults (discontinuity) of conductors inside a wall.

General information:

  • simply operation;
  • automation of regulation sensitivity;
  • self test;
  • indication by sound and light;
  • low-bat;
  • auto-off;
  • reliability.

Technical specification:

  • Range of detecting ac voltage:
100...750 V;
  • Supply voltage:
battery 2 x AA LR6 1,5 V;
  • Insulation protective shock voltage immunity:
 3,5 kV;
  • External dimensions:
 149 x 70 x 28 mm;
  • Weight, approx. (without battery):
 ok. 98 g.

Nominal operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature range:
  • Relative air humidity:
  • Meter operating position:

Standard equipment:

  • Indicator S-760;
  • Operation manual;
  • Guarantee certificate

Optional equipment:

  • Case.

Others information:

Catalogue card
Operation manual
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