The S-3Z Rotation Field Indicator

 The S-3Z Rotation Field Indicator is designed for the determination of the phase sequence in 3-phase networks and for indication of existence of phase voltage.

The information about phase sequence is needed during the installation of 3-phase sockets as well as to installation of any kinds of electric motors, transformers, electric watt-hour meters and so on.

Gneral Information:

  •  easy to use and reliable in operation.
  •  a mall, ergonomic case.
  • safe for the user during work.

Technical specification:

  • Rated votlage ranges:
     - phase voltage:
185...230...254 V;
     - phase to phase votlage:
320...400...440 V;
  • Rated frequency:
47,5...50...52,5 Hz;
  • Type indication:
  • Power consumption for 230 V:
ok. 3,5 VA;
  • Insulation test voltage:
4 kV;
  • Length of measuring wire:
75 cm;
  • Overall dimensions:
 112 x 69 x 28 mm;
  • Mass:
  190 g.

Nominal operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature range
  • Ambient air relative humidity
  • Operating position of teste

Standard equipment:

  • S-3Z Rotation Field Indicator;
  • Crocodile clips;
  • Guarantee certificate;
  • Operation manual.

Optional equipment:

  • Case

Others information:

Catalogue card
Operation manual
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